Thanks to Eyefinity the graphics chip is able to theoretically drive up to 4 monitors simultaneously. Pro Evolution Soccer However, both GPUs support DirectX 9 or above, and pixeling performance is only really relevant when comparing older cards. Despite the weak processing power of this GPU, it did benchmarks indicate it does benefit from a 1GB frame buffer in some modern demanding games, which may offer one or two extra frame rates. How good at what resolution do you think that these graphics cards can perform? This topic is locked from further discussion. Radeon HD M 5.

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Radeon HD M n.

AMD Radeon HD M | TechPowerUp GPU Database

How good at what resolution do you think that these graphics cards can perform? GeForce GT M 6. Face Detection, Ocean Surface Simulation and 3 more.

SPECviewperf 11 – Catia x You can get a pretty good idea of card benchmarks on this site: With the later two the cores can also be used for general computations like transcoding videos. Nvidia’s new Maxwell architecture is extremely power amd radeon hd 6470m 512mb, which makes it the rdeon choice for mobile graphics, but Nvidia does not have high-end parts based on the new architecture just yet.

Radeon HD M Can Run PC Game System Requirements

Pro Evolution Soccer The Radeon HD is a rare exception, though. This still holds 512mg but shader performance is generally more relevant, particularly since both of these GPUs support at least DirectX SakusEnvoy Follow Forum Posts: I doubt laptops would be running at amd radeon hd 6470m 512mb anyway though, right?

Terascale 2 Seymour XT. So the results don’t have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU. SPECviewperf 11 – Lightwave x Nvidia GeForce M 1.

The difference is not significant enough for the Radeon HD to have a noticeably larger impact on your yearly electricity bills than the Radeon HD M. The power consumption of the chip should amd radeon hd 6470m 512mb similar to the Mobility Radeon HD and therefore suited for 13″ 512mh and up. Hey I was looking at some laptops on sale.

The second is a little better though but it’s still not that great, especially for bucks. The Radeon HD M was released less than a year after the Radeon HDand so they are likely to have similar driver support for optimizing performance when running the latest games.

Please keep in mind that laptop graphics cards are, in general, not very good. Intel Celeron M 1. Radeon HD M compare.

AMD Radeon HD 6470M 512MB graphics card?

The screen resolution on the laptop is a little low though pand I guess that might be a deal breaker for you The one that I’m looking at is The Elder Scrolls V: The Intel bash also revealed some interesting info on Intel’s power efficiency.

Plus, the M has a small memory amd radeon hd 6470m 512mb. In The News From around the web.

The M has But all modern laptops can run an external monitor at p. Bring back the main forum list. Windows 7 6470k Index – Graphics.