Screw Torque List Adf Cover Assy, Gear Cover Leave the machine for 15 min. When printing from the paper tray, the paper feed sensor detected that there was no paper set in the paper tray. There is no paper set in the manual feed slot on the manual feed slot fix mode. Panel Pcb Assy

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Roller Holder Assy Clear the scanner jam, then press the Stop Key.

Download and install Brother Brother DCP – driver id

Modem Pcb Assy Image processing cannot be completed correctly because the number of pixels required for image processing is insufficient in the scanned data for the second side of the document. Adf Performance Brothrr function Code: Panel Pcb Assy Print Unable E0 Turn the power off and then back on again.

Front Cover Assy, Support Flap Screw Torque List If not, reattach the electrodes. Cannot detect the synchronized signal of the polygon motor for brother dcp 7080 laser unit second time. Display Machine Log Information function Code: Document Scanner Unit Rechecking the error after the power switch was turned OFF and then Brother dcp 7080 again because an error was detected in the fuser unit.

Slide the Green tab on Drum Unit. Scan Unable Remove the original document.

Check Fan Operation function Code: Troubleshooting Brother dcp 7080 Document Feeding Problems Detected irregular power supply for more than times. The new toner sensor detected that the toner cartridge was not set. Display Lan Connection Status function Code: Cannot detect the synchronized signal of the polygon motor for the brother dcp 7080 unit first time.

Detected that the first or second side CIS flat cable was not inserted correctly when function Error Code 55 was executed.

Troubleshooting For Paper Feeding Problems Main Frame L Assy The eject sensor detected that the fuser cover was open. Dot count or develop roller counter of the toner has reached the upper brother dcp 7080 in the toner stop mode.

Main Features Fast printing and copying. Print Maintenance Information function Code: Cannot detect the synchronized signal of the main motor.

The new toner sensor could not detect the brother dcp 7080 toner cartridge correctly. Joint Cover Assy After registering printing data to engine Remedy: When the center thermistor of the fuser unit was higher than the idle temperature, the side thermistor detected a temperature lower than the specified temperature.

Print Unable E5 Turn the power off and then back on again. The number of rotations of the drum unit is reaching the upper limit.